Lakeway: A Firewise Community

We made it!

The City of Lakeway received notice of its recognition as a Firewise Community/USA® on May 8, 2013.   Lakeway is the 900th Firewise Community in the United States.  Read about it in the press release from the National Fire Protection Association:

NFPA's Firewise Communities Program tops 900th Community Mark

To celebrate, educate, and (perhaps) inspire, the Lakeway Firewise Committee joined with the Texas A&M Forest Service and Lake Travis Fire Rescue to hold a Wildfire Awareness Town Hall Event on June 26, 2013 at Lakeway City Hall.

Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition

Firewise Communities/USA® have undertaken a series of steps to reduce the risk of catastrophic losses of life and property to wildfire in the wildland-urban interface.  The recognition program was developed by the Firewise Communities Program, a branch of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  Lakeway undertook the following five steps to gain Firewise Communities/USA recognition:

  • Obtained a community-wide wildfire risk assessment and recommendations from the Texas A&M Forest Service and Lake Travis Fire Rescue.
  • Formed a Firewise Committee and created an action plan based on the assessment.
  • Conducted a Firewise Field Day in January 2013, clearing 100 cubic yards of dead and downed wood from Sailfish Park.
  • Invested a minimum of $24,000 ($2 per capita) in local Firewise activities for the year, including volunteer hours.  (Over $35,000 in budgeted funds and in-kind volunteer labor have been invested this year.)
  • Submitted an application to the state Firewise Liaison documenting activities and expenditures.
The benefit of the Firewise Communities approach is that it provides homeowners with simple guidelines on how to make their homes and landscape ignition-resistant.  By modifying home and surroundings well in advance of the arrival of wildfire, residents are empowered to take their safety into their own hands.   By conducting clean-up projects with neighbors, residents can make their combined properties - indeed, their neighborhood - much safer from wildfire.  For more information, including videos on how to modify home and landscape to make them ignition-resistant, visit