Oak Pruning Schedule

Never prune February through June!

NO PRUNING red sm.jpgPruning of oaks is prohibited from February 1st through June 30th in the City of Lakeway Diseased Tree Ordinance.  This is the highest risk season for new oak wilt infections. 

Certain exceptions may be made for public safety or property damage issues.  Consent to prune oaks during the high risk season should be obtained in advance from the City Forester.  Read more about oak pruning restrictions and exceptions here or contact the Lakeway City Forester at (512) 314-7538 for more information.

Oak pruning permitted July through January

paint can silhouette med.jpgOaks may be pruned from July 1st through January 31st.  Pruning seal must be applied to all cuts of all sizes on oaks within ten minutes - the sooner the better. 

The safest time to prune oaks is during the coldest winter months of November, December and early January.  Oak pruning should be scheduled during this period whenever possible.

The second best time to prune oaks is in July and August during scorching summer temperatures. 

September and October carry a higher risk level than the hottest and coldest periods, but not as high as the springime months of February through June.  Prune with caution when temperatures are moderate.