Hotel Occupancy Tax

General Information

The Hotel Occupancy Tax revenue will be used to promote tourism and the hotel/convention industry in Lakeway.  The tax has been set at 7%.
The Hotel Occupancy Tax is required to be collected by each short-term rental property and is to be reported to the City on a quarterly basis.  See forms below.

For more specific information, please refer to the officially adopted ordinance, or you may call us at 512-314-7512 to ask questions or to schedule a meeting for a more in-depth explanation.


The Hotel Occupancy Tax is to be reported to the City of Lakeway on a quarterly basis.  Follow this link to the Hotel Occupancy Tax form for reporting tax. 

Certain state and federal officials are exempt from paying the tax.  Please record each exemption on this exemption form, and submit it along with your quarterly report. 

The quarterly report is due at the end of the month following the completion of a calendar quarter.  (January-March quarter is due by April 30.)

Please send the quarterly report to:
    Darren Henson, Controller
    City of Lakeway
    1102 Lohmans Crossing
    Lakeway, TX  78734

HOT Policy and Application Process

Local organizations and businesses boosting our area's tourism are encouraged to request money from the hotel occupancy tax funds.  The City of Lakeway Hotel Tax Funds may be used to directly enhance and promote visitors and the convention and hotel industry in very specific ways.  Please review the HOT Policy for additional information.  To request funding, please review the Application Process and complete this Hotel Occupancy Tax Application.

HOT Reporting

In 2017, the 85th Legislature passed Senate Bill 1221 with the intent of increasing local government transparency. To comply with Tax Code Section 351.009, municipalities that impose certain HOTs now must annually report their tax rates and revenue amounts, including the percentage of revenue allocated for specific uses, from the preceding fiscal year. Amounts allocated do not include unspent amounts that were returned from previous allocations.
HOT Transparency Reporting

Each year during the budget process the City reports actual revenues and expenditures from the preceding fiscal year.
FY18 HOT Budget